'Passer-by' - New Single Out Now & More

Hey everyone, we've just released a new song and it's called Passer-by. It's strange, moody and a little bit weird. When we first decided we were finally going to stop being cowards and commit to writing an album we had a whole list of sounds, instruments and themes we wanted to explore within the freedom of a release with a longer runtime. You can listen to it here.

This track was 1 of 2 of the first tracks we wrote with the full length in mind and I think the experimentation comes through in it's energy and emotional intensity. It's one of the first times we have fully explored electronics as the backbone of a song and not just used them as a more subtle texture. From that point on the track took us in to uncharted territory and set us on a course in the songwriting process for the entire record where we realised we really could just create whatever we wanted and not worry about fitting ourselves in to any particular sound. That was an extremely liberating moment for our band so we hope you enjoy it. 

Accompanying the track are incredibly cool, trippy visuals created by our good friend Harry Steel (@hauntedmattress). Go check it out and show it some love on our YouTube channel, feel free to tell your friends too!

It doesn't stop there... As well as a new track we've just launched a brand new podcast named 'The Load In'. It's all about musical equipment, gear, rigs and general chit chat about being in bands. Our first guest is Kris Coombs-Roberts of the legendary Funeral For A Friend. Go check it out if that sounds like your thing!

Finally, we've also released our second Isolation Cover. This time it's Coldplay's 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face'. As before, all earnings go to the wonderful CALM charity. Go check it out and donate here.